Follies in Project Design

Onward and Upward
Sep 6, 2021

Writing this reflection now, it’s wild to me that my time at Behrend has passed so quickly, that I’m in my last stretch already. I’ve spent years preparing, and yet I can’t help but feel like I’m blinding jumping into the deep end as I embark on my senior project. It’s so exciting even with the anxiety and pressure; I have the freedom to create something wholly of my own design, dedicate months to nurturing a collection of artwork built entirely by myself… I’m grateful that I have the opportunity.

One fun aspect of taking on a multi-part, complex project such as this one is the unforeseen obstacles that turn into boons. Take my janky code that I concocted in my first week on the job -- it was haphazardly put together, not very well-organized, just so that I could get a quick working concept going. Out of that foundation, my professor and I have been crafting a piece of JavaScript that will do everything I need much more elegantly, and in the process, I’m learning a lot about a language I previously barely understood.

It’s all a process, and one that I’m thrilled to be finally taking on.